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Frequent asked questions ... 

1.- Can I Pay with Credit Card ?

Yes, we accept all credit cards with the easy and secure PayPal hassle free checkout payment button, whether you have a PayPal account or not. See our payment guide















2.- Do you have inventory ?

No, we do not have inventoryChose the item number and the color you want the piece to be and let me create a one of a kind master piece. Pleases allow 2 weeks for the manufacturing process.


3.- Do you have special offers ?

Yes, we have coupons and discounts that can be applied on the checkout on special occasions.


4.- What is your shipping method ?

We ship via USPS Priority Mail.


5.- Do you have pickup ?

Yes, we do have Pick Up option available.


6.- What is your return, exchange or replacement policy ?

You will need to contact us, each issue will be handled on a case by case basis.


7.- Does the jewelry need any type of special care ?

Yes, please refer to the maintenance video. This will teach you how to re-shine your aluminum piece if it gets dull. Use any dish washing soap and water.


It is important not to overextend or stretch your aluminum pieces. Simply let it slide around your neck or wrist, this way it will open only the necessary to put it on without  damaging the piece. 


Always keep inside its bag so it won't get tangled. Aluminum is very flexible metal and over stretchering the piece will damage it permanently.


If the piece does not fall naturally over your neck, with the necklace on, tilt your head back an press the necklace on your body. This will shape the piece to your contour.

Paypal is the leader on Online Payments, and will process your debit or credit card without the hazzle.


Hancrafted jewelry with natural stones.


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